MovingWaves Exclusive catalogue for use in Film, TV, Radio, Interactive Media, Advertising and Dance. Commissioned Music. Creating music for Film, TV, Computer Games and Dance. We focus on enhancing the intended mood and emotion of what’s happening on-screen. MovingWaves Studio Our Recording/Mixing/Mastering Studio provides flexible options and delivery requirements for commissioned projects.

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Dark Diversion - Empatthic Darkness

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Masks brings traditional Japanese instruments into the modern musical arena. Blending traditional tempos and tunings while harmonizing with contemporary genres and instruments. It achieves this without losing the character, feel and beauty of these old instruments.

 HayatoMai 2015年版「隼人舞」
発表 古事記・日本書紀に描かれた「隼人舞」を地元南九州の生活の中で信仰と結びついた舞として再現。その研究経緯を2015年11月14日に発表。
Kagura Project (Now Online)

UDoor 2015

Kumano Shrine Festival
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