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The “Angle of Grief” graced my Time Of Foreboding, revealing that the illusion of such Gifts that had so Entranced my life, were but Invisible Mirrors; which merely gave birth to Predators. Being nothing more than Sea Dragons of darkness and Spoken In Shadows; now that the Albatross Is Gone, the realization of being free at last. At the Edge Of Darkness I enter Into The Light, my spirit no longer constrained like Silence In Chains.

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Who are Dark Diversion?

Dark Diversion are a band and a project formed by musicians and artists who want to explore music and technology without constraints.

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Dark Diversion's Music?

Emotional rather than technical. The objective is to simply explore  music and emotions; although the goal is not aimed at mass popularity. Simplicity is not always the best but is often the hardest to achieve.

The Origin

What's the origin of that name?

The two words relate to our basic concepts:-
Dark means concealed or secret mysterious. It provides contributing musicians and artists a sort of artistic pseudonym.
Diversion allows those involved to try new and different things without impacting on their normal day to day public persona.

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17th July 2014
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Instrumental music that explores the emotional darker side.