My approach to music

As a long time musician I concentrated on the guitar as my main instrument. My past compositions were approached from a guitarists perspective.

Since coming to the Far East I have been influenced by a vast diversity of musical genres and tastes. Not only did this influence my western concepts of music i.e. scales, rhythm and melody, etc., but it also opened my mind to a vastly different approach to music.

No longer confined to the traditional rules of composition I now regard composition in an entirely different way.

For example, I tend not to compose music for a solo instrument.

When I compose I do not think about how to reproduce it live, that is a completely different task. I choose the sounds that suit the composition. It may be a guitar, a violin, a shakuhachi, a synth or in fact the sound of the waves, wind, birds, a car, even street life . Anything is possible.

Inspiration for a composition can come from many different places, a story, a picture, even the weather or nature.

To be honest I do not write lyrics, mainly because I want the music to tell the story. When people listen to my music I want to take the listener on a journey. I want the listener to imagine 'their' journey.