David Kerrison


Modern Progressive
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Multi Cultural
Recordings including traditional instruments.

2018 Masks brings traditional Japanese instruments into the modern musical arena. Blending traditional tempos and tunings.

Commercial released CD

2014 Emotional rather than technical; the objective of this commercial released CD was to simply explore progressive guitar music.

East West Fusion
Commissioned for live performances in a cave.

2012 Music was composed for live performances within a cave.

Commissioned for contemporary dance.

2010 Environmental themed electronic dance music focusing on the necessity and importance of clean water.

New Age Stage Musical
International Music Festival For Youth

2009 New Age musical "Pixie's Prophecy" Story & Music by D. Kerrison

Music for Photo Catalog

2008 Music written for commissioned DVD

Modern Synth and Sound Effects
Additional music for 'Is it Better'

Music written for film

Modern Synth and Sound Effects
Original film music for 'Genji'

Music written for film


Born in the United Kingdom, David Ainslie Kerrison has had a wide and varied career as a composer and musician.

As a composer, he has scored music for films such as Owaiko produced by Go Tanaka and MushiRama directed by Jumpei Arai, as well as written music for TV and commercials, having won a few competitions along the way. He has released more than a dozen CDs of his works to critical acclaim, including Masks released in December 2018.

David began his career while still in his teens, when as a guitarist he recorded with music producer Pip Williams with the band Buzz, under the Polydor label. He has since been in hundreds of performances throughout the world, with venues ranging from rock concerts to solo recitals on acoustic guitar.

He has also organized numerous events, including for large charity works, international music and dance festivals, award shows, and major outdoor concerts using his original music.

An avid inventor of multiple synthesizers and effect pedals, David earned a bachelor's degree at the American Institute of Technology in computer software, where he experimented with polyphonic analogue development.

At present David is based in Tokyo, and is the owner of a state of the art studio that he meticulously designed, called MovingWaves


Ghostly Pathways - Suspense / Apocalypse
Edge of Darkness - Dark/Somber/ Horror
Forevermore - Sad / Ambient
The Candlemaker - Dynamic / Theme
Tumbler - Atmospheric/ Space SF
Broken Dreams - Electronic / Orchestral
The Visitor - Mysterious / SF
Hook - Synth & Orchestral / SF
Nightlife - Clubing / Street


MovingWaves Studio

David's personal studio has allowed him to freely experiment. His creative inspiration is renown for appearing at the most unlikely times.

An early decision to study computers put David in an ideal position to understand and use todays technical computer musical environment. Having studied computer Science and Technology in both the United Kingdom and United States, David is now very comfortable using traditional and electronic instruments.
Sound design is now an integral part of his compositional palette.


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